Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Me- Eew, what are you doing?

Adam- Uum, kissing you?

Me-Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen. You're all sick and mucous-y and gross.

Adam- But I'm extra warm, that's a plus right?

Me- I like warmth, not germs.

Adam- We could do this without any kissing?

Me- Hmm, wait...Does jizz have germs?


Me- I mean, it must have germs. That's how STD's work, right? But does it have cold germs? Like spit and snot? Or is it somehow immune?

Adam- I...don't...think so..?

Me- Research that and get back to me.


Hope your Valentine's Day was super romantic too!


me1980 said...

Love it!

She Who Is said...

LMAO I just stumbled upon your blog and plan to come back. Your posts have me rolling in laughter. This one, so far, is my favorite. Though it might be because I have severe issues with all body fluids. TMI in my first comment, I know.