Saturday, March 20, 2010


We went for our first bike ride of the season this morning. I strapped Eden into her seat in front of me on my bike and took off down the street. She began to laugh and called out:

"Da wind! I'm catching da wind in my mouf! Uh Oh, I swallowed it, now I'm eating all da wind."

Thank God for spring time.


Memphis Steve said...

We're in last March and it's snowing here. This can't be happening.

EdenSky said...

That's because Canada got smart and sent all our snow south this winter. Seriously, while the U.S. was freaking the freak out about the snow, we got the least we've had in ever, I think. We don't normally see grass for another month yet. So basically...HA HA suckahs! Go global warming!

John said...

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Caterpillar said...

Your daughter sounds adorable. :)

Kim Hosey said...

That's awesome. So sweet. Happy spring! It is gorgeous right now.