Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright...

Skylar: Look there's the first star! Know what I wished? I wished for Eden to be good and nice. Either good or nice, both are OK.

Me: I wish for YOU to be good and nice. (The kid has been quite the turd lately)

Skylar: (ignoring me) Eden say "Un"

Eden: (the incredible parrot girl)Uh

Skylar: Good! Now say "Deux"

Eden: Duh!

Skylar: Trois?

Eden: Twa!

Skylar: Quatre?

Eden: Catta

Skylar: Cinque?

Eden: Sack

Skylar: Six

Eden: Seece

Skylar: Sept

Eden: Set

Skylar: Huit

Eden: Weet

Skylar: Neuf

Eden: Nuff

Skylar: Dix

Eden: Deece

Skylar: Yay Eden! Good job! Did you hear that Mama? I teached Eden her numbers in French. I think I got an extra surprise with my wish. I wished for her to be good or nice, and my wish made her good AND nice AND smart too! The smart was a surprise on top of my wish!

Aww, I guess I got my wish too. At least for a few minutes.

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