Saturday, November 29, 2008

TV warps the minds of our children.

Goober: Mommy, I need to discuss something with you.

Me: This sounds serious

Goober: Yes, once you get mutated, you start to eat different things right?

Me: Mutated?

Goober: Yes, like if you turn into a giant monster spider you might not really care about eating flies anymore like a little spider. You might just see some big animal that's just a bit smaller than you, and decide it looks good to eat even if you're really used to just eating bugs. Right?

Me: Uh well, I guess if you were a giant spider you'd need something more to eat than tiny flies.

Goober: Do you think if a giant spider was eating a cat it would suck out it's blood, or just eat the whole cat?

Me: Depends how long the cat's been stuck in your web I guess.

Goober: Giant mutant spiders don't need webs.

Me: Of course not, silly me.

In other news, Mooch CLIMBED OUT OF HER CRIB yesterday. Dammit I'm not ready for this! I know Goober was doing it at this age, but I was really hoping I'd be able to keep Mooch locked up a bit longer, because now I have to baby-proof the bathroom adjoining her room, put up a baby gate at the top of the stairs, install the thingamajig that converts the crib to a toddler bed to prevent her from breaking her head falling off of the crib bars....gah!


Kim Hosey said...

Love that conversation! My son comes up with those kinds of things all the time. The other day:
Him: "Mom, you know what I wish?"
Me (expecting something Saccharine-sweet): "What, sweetie?"
Him: "That, instead of hands, I had giant crab claws. That would be so cool."

EdenSky said...

Well, that WOULD be pretty cool...also impossible to pick his nose, lol.