Monday, November 10, 2008

Perhaps I should shut up, lest I jinx us even more and we all get smallpox.

So you know how I was whining about not sleeping because my kids were sick? Ya, now on top of ALL the previous symptoms both kids have a stomach bug, causing Mooch to throw up and Goober to...not throw up...ya, the other one. Also, PINKEYE, just because. Also, that earache that definitely was NOT an ear infection, well now it is, and the baby has one to match. I came home from the doctors today with a ridiculously huge sack of meds including antibiotics, ear drops, eye drops and an inhaler for Mooch's cough. Guess what? Apparently the insurance company never got the paper work concerning Mooch's existence, so she's not covered. Damn.

We should all be dead by the end of the week.

On the way home Goober was asking what all the different kinds of medicine were for. When I got to the part about the eye drops she freaked and started howling that she didn't want any medicine in her eyes. Well you know what I don't want? To be woken up like I was 3 times last night because "My eye is goopy Mommy! Can you wipe it again?" So I tried to talk her down and reassure her that eye drops weren't so bad. I told her we'd do Daddy first (because Daddy has the same thing and I'm not above sharing out my kids prescriptions). When informed of this later, Daddy was less than enthusiastic. Seeing as how sick men are basically great big babies, I should have known that Daddy would blow the scheme by whining that he too did not want any medicine in his eyes. I was about to tell him to put on his big boy pants and suck it up when Goober saved me the trouble by saying "It won't be so bad Daddy, and if you be a good boy and let Mommy do your eye drops I'll let you pick a treat from my Halloween basket"

Eye drops were dispensed all around and no tears were shed.

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