Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Baby Does Tricks!

Aren't children amazing? Their fantastic little brains are like sponges, thirstily sucking up knowledge from the world around them. Why, just last night my 17 month old proved herself to be every bit as intelligent as a shih-tzu!

We went to my Grandpa's house and the girls immediately set to digging for cookies and candy. The moment we walk through the door Mooch makes a b-line for the cupboard where cookies are likely to be found, while Goober begins a more intensive search, delving into shopping bags, peeking behind chairs and nosing through my mom's purse. I take no responsibility for this despicable behaviour, it is entirely my mother's fault.

After taking a cookie, Mooch settled down to the next stage of her routine: bugging the dog. She takes his toys, throws balls for him to chase, and feeds him hundreds of cookies. After cookie number 15 or so it was suggested that Mordy the dog should "Sit" if he wanted another. And thus Mordy's entire repertoire of tricks was exhausted. Goober decided that the dog had been in the spot-light for far too long (upwards of 7 seconds) and people should start paying attention to her again.

Goober-"Pretend I'm a dog! What trick should I do?"

Mom-"Shake Paw"

Goober accomplished this feat. I was ever so proud.

Mom-"Good Doggie! Here's a cookie for you!"

At this point Mooch's treat radar went off and she came barreling over to get in on this action.

Mom- "You want a cookie too? OK, Shake Paw"

Mooch shook her paw.

Mom- Good Puppy! Here's your cookie! What else can you do?

In this fashion my baby learned to Sit, Speak, Play Dead, Roll-Over and, most useful of all: Go Fetch. Alas, she's still not house broken. Her performance was so convincing that when she later climbed up onto a chair Goober yelled "Look, she's sitting up just like a people!"

Training your children like dogs provides entertainment for the whole family, but I can't help wondering if Mooch will spend the rest of her life feeling strangely disappointed whenever she meets someone new if she shakes their hand and they fail to immediately stick a cookie in her mouth.

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