Friday, January 2, 2009

And I'm done!

So the holidays have been and gone and we are beginning to resume normalcy, inasmuch as Normal is possible where ever-changing kids are concerned.

High-lights of the season:

-Dec. 21 : Headed to a Christmas party in a blizzard because Canadians (Adam's family in particular) are batshitfucking crazy and don't cancel family gatherings just because of a little snow and ice and wind and OhMyGodIWantToLive! Adam bounced my van off of a guard rail and now our gift to each other is car repairs.

-Dec. 23 : Took the girls to the mall to see Santa. Paid over 20$ for an ornament and a photo of Mooch howling with the sudden realization that her mother is a heartless bitch who wants her to be eaten by a deranged hairy freak in a red suit. Goober asked the freak (who was in fact a fantastic Santa) for a toy that she totally DID NOT put in the letter we sent off weeks ago, forcing me to brave the wilds of Walmart Christmas Madness.

-Dec. 24 : Took Goober skating, remembered I can't skate and have no business teaching anyone else. Watched her develop the oddest form of self propulsion I've ever seen and shout to passing strangers "Look! I'm doing it! I can skate all by myself!" Read my children Christmas stories by candle-light, like my mom did with me every year.

-Dec. 25 : Stayed home. Watched the girls open gifts, took pictures, ate pancakes, assembled toys, watched Christmas specials, ate chocolate, had dinner with family, a perfect day.

-Dec. 26 : Went to Adams parents for the Christmassy chaos that is wrought by eight young children hopped up on candy and drunk on presents.

-Dec. 27 : 7 years from the day I met Adam. Did nothing, said nothing, but it was.

-Dec. 28 : Went to my aunts for the last of the family Christmases and missed my Grandma so much it hurt. This was my first Christmas without her. My resolution for the new year is to try to be more like her when dealing with my kids; no child should have to grow up without my Grandma around.

-Dec. 31 : Went out to celebrate New Years hampered by sucky friends calling in sick and living in a small town with only one bar. Wound up playing board games with Adam's parents rather than dancing in a club but had a pretty good time all the same.

-Jan. 1 : Spent the entire day sorting through the toy room to make room for the new stuff. OK, so I'm a lazy ass and still hadn't entirely unpacked it from when we moved in 3 months ago. But now it's done. You can even see the carpet in spots.

-Jan. 2 : The holiday aftermath has arrived in full force with a full compliment of screwed up eating and sleeping patterns, boredom, whining and fighting. What the hell day of the week is it anyway? Can I send Goober back to school yet?


the original alien said...

Ok so here's a bunch of comments for a segmented blog
a) I'm glad that everyone is okay after the batshitsnow/van/guardrail incident
b) That is hands-down the best Santa picture I ever seen
c) I also remember that I can't skate and am starting to become terrified about the mandatory skating trips that teachers go on with their students
d) I'm happy that you had a perfect day :)and wish you would have taken more action shots of the sugar/present driven insanity
e) Holy crap has it been 7 years?
f) Hugs for you!(which I know mean nothing, but it's the only thing I can do in cyberspace)
g) Yes I know I suck, and yes I know you'll never let me forget that I suck, and yes I know you don't think we'll have fun, but I promise I won't suck once I'm out in the real world (that's one of my personal goals)
g) I love that picture of Mooch posing!
h) Just think how everything is sorted, put away, and now Goober is back to school so hopefully your house seems a little, tiny, insey bit bigger

EdenSky said...

Yay original Alien! I totally forgive your suckiness now that you left a comment on my blog. All is forgiven.